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Purchase Information

[Online = Lazada, Shopee, Amazon etc.] [Offline = Retail outlets, Petrol stations, etc.]
[Lazada Order Number eg. 203025933136706] [Shopee Order ID eg. 19083015457HX4G] Insert "," between order numbers for multiple entries
Please keep a legible copy of your invoice/receipt for warranty claims. Note that failure to provide proof-of-purchase will result in a voided warranty claim.

Product Information

This is a unique set of numbers printed on each powerbank unit. You may refer to the example picture below.

Vehicle / Usage Information

Personal use is defined as the standard consumer usage of the "BEATIT" brand jumpstarter powerbanks.

Commercial use is defined as the use of "BEATIT" brand jumpstarter powerbanks for tasks beyond a standard consumer, and/or for purposes such as, but not limited to [Automotive Workshops, Automotive Service Centers, Commercial Automotive & Emergency Rescue Services etc.].

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